-do you offer custom paddles?
yes! email me or message me on instagram!
-how much are custom paddles?
$50-$100 depending on what you're looking to get!
-do you offer wholesale?
yes! please email me to inquire pricing.
-can i get ____ as a mini paddle? do you do custom minis?
no and no! at this time i am strict on what i offer as minis. no customs. not every design i offer has a mini. 
-what are the paddles made of?
cast acrylic
-how thick are the paddles? are they durable?
1/2" thick! acrylic in most cases is stronger than your generic wooden paddle. most designs are rated for up to heavy impact play. the designs rated better for low or medium impact play are noted in their descriptions. 
-are the paddles made of resin?
no! resin isn't body safe!!
-do the paddles come in other colors?
no. sorry.
-where are these made?
in our garage in Nashville Tennessee.
-how long does it take to receive my order?
2-4 weeks! please be patient!
-do you ship internationally?
absolutely yes!
-do the paddles imprint?
-are the paddles laser printed?
no! they are made on a New Wave Shark CNC machine!